Tofu Taco Meat

This recipe came from an idea I had after eating bean tacos for several days. I usually eat tacos at least once a week, maybe 2-3 times depending on how hungry I am and if the kiddo eats them too. I have said before I would put nearly anything into a tortilla and call it a taco. So I give you tofu taco meat.


Now onto the recipe!




Tofu Taco Meat


1 pkg extra firm tofu, well drained and pressed

1 pkt. taco seasoning

1/4 c water

Oil or cooking spray


Oil or spray the bottom of a skillet. Crumble the tofu into uneven fine crumbles. Much like beef would look.

Fry the tofu until it starts getting slightly crisp. Add the taco seasoning to the pan. Toss tofu well. Then add the water. Stir it into the mixture well and let simmer until water is reduced. Serve hot in your favorite taco shells or a taco salad.


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